This Woman Left Her Corporate Job to Hike the PCT

"I was only 25, and I was absolutely miserable in my job...and one day I just thought to myself, You know what? I'm going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail."

Hitched in Her Hiking Boots: How Miller met and married her soulmate within 30 days of hiking

Writer Claire Henley Miller was searching for inspiration when she decided to hike the PCT. But what she found was her soul mate.

Backbacker Magazine - Trail Chat

"Caleb "Big Spoon" Miller and his wife Claire "Hands" Henley got hitched after crossing paths on the Pacific Crest Trail."

Finding Love on PCT Hike

"The 25-year-old Claire set out alone to find adventure."

Former Denville Man Finds Life’s Love Along the Pacific Crest Trail

"There are moments in life that call for big action, changes, or travels into the unknown."

A Wedding on the Trail

"Perhaps one of the most enjoyable and amazing stories from the PCT. Although new romance is not unique to the PCT experience, marriage is … especially before the first month on the trail is over."

A Route to Romance on the Pacific Crest Trail

"Claire Henley and Caleb Miller were strangers when they started walking the Pacific Crest Trail April 22 in Campo, near the Mexico-California border. A month later, they got married..."

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