Back cover summary is in!

This is so exciting. The project team working on the technicalities of Mile 445--like the cover, formatting, and editing--recently sent me the summary that will display on the back cover. I've included it below ... a little taste of the main meal that will hopefully leave you wanting more!

Back Cover Summary:

Mile 445 is the deep, thoughtful, romantic, adventurous, and inspirational memoir of a woman who broke away from convention to follow her passion—no matter the risk.

When twenty-five-year-old Claire Henley Miller left her corporate job and its stuffy windowless cubicle to embark—alone—on the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, she never imagined the uncharted worlds she would discover one step at a time.

Within a month of her five-month journey, she meets and marries a handsome man known on the trail as Big Spoon.

But their whirlwind marriage is just the beginning of a journey filled with ups and downs. Claire spent months planning her epic solo adventure, and now she must face the painful path of compromise as they tackle the demanding trail together.

Faced with deadly storms, treacherous winds, and deep uncertainty, her entire dream is at stake.

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